Impact Media Services

Impact Media is a multi media company with over 21 years experience in bringing quality services to all of our customers. We work closely with you to bring out your best qualities to bring you more recognition and more customers. We strive for excellence while developing customized services just for you. We love making our customers standout in their communities and as far as they want to reach.

Our website services are ADA compliant, which is required of companies receiving government grants. We work with you to achieve your goals and help your reach more customers.

  • Web Development

    We work hand-in-hand with you to bring your message across to your customer base as well as developing websites that attract new customers.

  • Responsive Design

    All of our websites are designed to look good on a computer screen, a tablets of various sizes, and all mobile devices.

  • Company Branding

    We work with you keep your brand showing through in all we do for you. We will also work with you to develop your brand if you do have a company brand.

  • Cost Effective Websites

    Every business needs a website in today's culture. If your business is more of a brick and mortar business a one-page scroll website might be a great affordable option for your company. The menu links to sections of your page.

  • Social Media Networking

    Do you find you are too busy to keep up with social media posts? Let us do it for you. We can manage your posts, and inform your followers of all of the great things going on in your company.

  • Logo Design

    Do you need a logo? If you have a business you need a logo. Logos are incorporated into a company's brand. They become recognizable to your customers as your company grows. We provide you with every possible file format you will ever need all for one low price.

  • Marketing and Graphic Design

    We work with you to market your company or product with the best materials to effectively represent your business. We work closely with you to create target marketing for particular ages, cultures, genders, and more. We can increase your sales of new customers, while paying attention the needs of your current customers. We deliver results for any budget.

Let Impact Media create your brand by designing your logo, creating your website site, custom tailor your marketing, and create your brand. Your customers will soon be able to spot your brand as quickly as a five-year-old can spot those golden arches in front of McDonald's. We will work closely with you to create the right brand for your company. 

Our graphic design services cover logo designs, marketing, and company branding services. Our job is to help your company make an impact.

Impact Media Video and Captioning Services

Impact Media is a leader in closed captioning services and video editing services. We pay close attention to details to assure that your program looks it's best. We are able to deliver any professional video file to your broadcast station. We also do schools, colleges, universities, government, commercials, and business closed captioning and subtitling services.

Impact Media is a multimedia service company delivering closed captioning and subtitling, which is of professional quality captioning that is certified FCC compliant with the FCC's Best Practices of Closed Captioning laws as well as ADA compliant.

  • Broadcast Television Closed Captioning

    We provide accurate carefully placed captions to your television broadcasts. Our team is dedicated to provide accurate spelling, localization, and correct jargon to every show. We can also deliver a caption file for your YouTube videos, which must be captioned if they have aired on television.

  • Educational and Company Captioning

    Our team members work carefully to deliver carefully placed accurate closed captioning to all your educational or company videos. We work with many different universities and government agencies and can provide quick turnaround service on closed captioning guaranteed to have accurate spelling.

  • Subtitling Services

    We can provide subtitling for any of your video projects. Subtitling is a great option for social media because it gets your message across even when viewers have videos automatically muted, as many do. It not only provides a great service for the deaf community, but it is also a great advertising tool.